How to Clean Stainless Steel Restaurant Equipment

As a restaurant owner, cleanliness is one of your biggest priorities. You want to guarantee that your kitchen is well-maintained and up to code. While stainless steel is known for being easy to clean, it is important to know the best practices for its cleaning and maintenance. Follow our guideline for cleaning a stainless steel kitchen:

A stainless steel kitchen rack with books, food, and pans | SubZeroServiceCenterMiami.comUse the right cleaning material.  Soft materials are best to wipe down stainless steel equipment like a soft cloth or sponge. Wire brushes or scrapers should be avoided to prevent scratches on the surface. When wiping, go with the polish lines to avoid further abrasions and rust.

Pick the right cleaning solution. The most common stainless steel cleaners have alkaline or alkaline chlorinated chemicals. Never use a chloride cleaner or hydrochloric acid on stainless steel. This can ruin the surface of your equipment and cause rust spots.

Diminish the amount of hard water. Using a filtration system can help reduce the number of corrosive elements in your water. If a filter is not practical, train your staff to always wipe down any water left from food preparation or cleaning.

Remove any rust spots. Despite the regular cleaning of stainless steel, rust can begin to develop your equipment. You can remove these spots with a non-abrasive cleaning pad.

Stainless steel can last a long time with regular cleaning and maintenance. We’re available for Sub Zero appliance repair in Miami whenever you need us. Our contractors have provided professional service to restaurants in a timely manner to ensure you can get back to work as soon as possible. See why Sub-Zero Service Center of Miami has served homeowners and businesses for over 30 years by contacting us today!

When to Save or Discard Frozen Food after a Power Outage

When your power goes out, or your freezer breaks down, you might be wondering whether to save or discard your frozen food. As a general guideline, as long as the freezer remains below 40°F, the food should be safe to eat within a week. Follow our guideline for frozen foods that may need to be discarded after a power outage:

  • A pile of frozen fruit | SubZeroServiceCenterMiami.comMeats and Poultry. If you own a thermostat, this is the best time to use it. If the freezer exceeded 40°F, discard it immediately. If the freezer stayed below 40°F and the odor and color look good, then the meat and poultry should be safe to eat. When in doubt, throw it out.


  • Fruits and Vegetables. Ice crystals are a good sign that they are safe from being discarded. We recommend discarding any vegetables or juices that were held above the standard freezer temperature. If the fruit has a yeasty smell or there is visible mold/slime, discard it.


  •  Dairy. Discard it to stay safe. If the freezer remained below the standard temperature, some dairy products might be safe to refreeze, but it is best to not risk it.


  • Breads, Nuts, Doughnuts, Cookies, and Cakes. As long as there is not any visible mold, these products are typically safe to eat even after surpassing 40°F. There might be some loss in the food quality if you choose to refreeze them.


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What to Consider Before Buying a Marine Refrigerator

Living in Miami means it is almost always a perfect day for boating. While you are out on the water, you want to make sure your food and drinks do not get spoiled by the heat. A plastic cooler can sometimes do the trick but you may want to update to a marine refrigeration unit. The units seem simple, but they are a bit more complex than the refrigeration systems that are commonly used at home. Check out our list of things to consider before purchasing a marine refrigerator:


  • Boats docked at a marina in Miami | SubZeroServiceCenterMiami.comPlacement is pivotal for maintaining constant airflow in your unit to make sure there is enough space for the unit. There should be about 2-3 inches of space around the unit’s vent to prevent overheating. Keep in mind that the vent can be on the bottom or side of the unit so avoid placing it against a wall.


  • Check to make sure your boat has the right power supply to run a refrigerator unit. If your boat does not have the right power supply, the refrigerator cannot run properly.


  • Many boat owners eventually upgrade their refrigerator units due to lack of space. If you have a family or a big group of friends, we recommend investing in the extra space to save time and money.


If you find yourself stranded with a broken marine refrigerator, contact us 24/7 for Miami Sub-Zero repair for marine refrigeration. Our Sub-Zero technicians will meet you at a marina for a full inspection and repair of your equipment.

Most Common Problems for Wine Coolers

Not all wine coolers are perfect. When your wine cooler breaks down, time is of the essence to make sure your wine maintains its delicious taste and aroma. It is important to recognize common wine cooler problems so you know when to call Miami Sub Zero repair service before the problem worsens. Check out our list of the most common wine cooler issues:


  • A glass of white wine | SubZeroRepairsCenterMiami.comIf your wine cooler refuses to start you may have an electrical issue. Test your outlet or the circuit breaker to make sure there is not a problem with your wine cooler.


  • There are many factors that contribute to a unit’s temperature. Before troubleshooting specific components, test the thermostat to confirm that it is in working condition. Placing your wine cooler in an area that is exposed to the sun or heat can also cause issues with the temperature.


  • Humming from the wine cooler means that the mechanisms in the unit are functioning properly. If the noise is loud or rattling, toggle with the placement of the unit to make sure the ventilation system is angled correctly.


  • Frost buildup or water leaks are signs that your wine cooler may be experiencing major air flow issues. If the problem continues, contact us for Miami Sub-Zero repair service for wine coolers.


We recommend contacting a professional technician if you encounter any of the above-mentioned problems. Contact us 24/7 for Miami Sub-Zero repair service of wine coolers, stovetops, and other Sub-Zero kitchen appliances.

The Importance of Regularly Cleaning your Fridge

Refrigerator in clean kitchenKeeping your fridge clean allows your food to stay fresh and safe. Even if the temperature is just right, a dirty fridge can contaminate your food and leave your refrigerator and entire kitchen smelling awful. Regularly cleaning your fridge prevents bacteria build up, which can spread to other foods that are seemingly secure.

When something spills in your fridge, you should clean up the mess right away. This will prevent the liquid from becoming dried and sticky, causing mold and bacteria to form. Ideally, you should be cleaning your fridge once a month to keep everything sanitary. You will want to take every item off of the shelves and out of the drawers so you can adequately wipe them down.

Keeping your refrigerator clean and maintained will prevent you from getting sick. When unwanted bacteria develop and find its way into your fresh food, you can end up with food poisoning. Saving leftovers may seem like a great idea at the time, but how often do you eat them the next day? Regularly cleaning your fridge allows you to keep an inventory of what you have on hand so you can save money and produce less waste when throwing out expired goods you forgot about.

At Sub-Zero Service Centers, we provide exceptional Sub-Zero appliance repair in Miami. Whether your fridge broke down, your freezer is not functioning correctly, or you are having issues with a Sub-Zero wine cooler, we will fix all of your appliances up to working condition once again.

What Temperature Should Your Refrigerator be set at?

Close up of carton of eggsIf you find that your milk is getting frosty or your eggs are spoiling faster than usual, you may need to adjust the temperature of your refrigerator. Occasionally, the temperature dial can get bumped as you unload groceries or attempt to stuff a large container of leftovers into an already full fridge. Since we often don’t think about the temperature our refrigeration units are initially set at, it can be challenging to get it back to exactly where it was.

The ideal temperature for a refrigerator should be somewhere around 37° F. This will keep food fresh as long as possible, as it is warm enough to prevent ice crystals from forming on produce and cold enough to prevent bacteria breeding in the warmer spots.

Certain parts of the refrigerator stay colder than others, so it is essential to place your items in the right spot for optimum freshness. The coldest part is the very back, as the cooling elements are there, and the bottom because heat rises. The door of the fridge, however, tends to be the warmest spot, so you want to be careful what you place there. Ideally, meats should go on the bottom towards the back, condiments on the door, and everything else wherever you can fit.

At Sub-Zero Service Centers, we provide excellent same day refrigerator repair in Miami. If you find that your fridge is not staying as cold as it used to, give our company a call, and we will come check out your unit and repair anything necessary. Give us a call today at (855) 725-4675.

How to Know When Your Freezer is Broken

close-up of ice cube trayFreezers are a fantastic invention and are essential to keeping our food fresh until it’s ready to be cooked. If you think your Sub-Zero freezer is on the fritz, there are a few things you can look for to see if you need to hire a repairman.

  • Check the temperature control: If your freezer is not working, check to see if the temperature control was set to the “off” position. If it has been turned off, switch it back on and wait 24 hours for the proper temperature to be reached once again.
  • Check the plug: Look to see if the plug in the outlet has been removed or come loose and adjust it if necessary. If the freezer still isn’t kicking on, check to see if a breaker has flipped.
  • Use a thermometer: If you think your freezer isn’t staying as cool as you set it to, place a thermometer inside of it for 24 hours. Check the reading and compare it to what your freezer is set to. If it is not close, you may need some repair work done.
  • Check the door: If a freezer is stuffed full of food, it may be difficult for the door to shut properly, which lets cold air out of the unit. Check the freezer door to see if it is closing properly and rearrange any food items that may be blocking it from sealing completely.

If you find that you’re in need of Sub-Zero freezer repair in Miami Beach, contact us today at (855) 725-4675.

Why You Should Choose Our Sub-Zero Repair Company

Tools on drafting tableHaving an upscale refrigerator can make any kitchen feel like it belongs to a professional. Sub-Zero refrigerators are top of the line, and our repair company wants to make sure yours are always in top working condition. When you call upon us for service, you’ll be receiving quality care and same day refrigerator repair in Miami, Florida.

Sub-Zero Repair Centers have been servicing homeowners in the Miami, Florida area with all of their Sub-Zero appliance repairs. Our company is available all year long, and at any time of the day, so you can rest assured that your refrigerator or other appliance will be fixed promptly. From ice makers to marine repairs, we’ll complete any job within one full day.

We’re committed to providing high-quality repair work to everyone who calls upon our company. For over 30 years, we’ve gained the respect and trust of customers all over the Miami area. We only hire the absolute best employees and ensure that they are properly trained and knowledgeable on all things Sub-Zero.

If you’re in need of same day refrigerator repair in Miami, give Sub-Zero Repair Centers a call today at (855) 725-4675. We’ll send an expert technician to your location as soon as possible so you can continue using and enjoying your Sub-Zero appliances.

The Benefits of Sub-Zero Wine Storage

red wine glass and bottleWhen it comes to wine storage and preservation, the better the storage, the better tasting the bottle when it’s time to finally pop it open. Sub-Zero offers exceptional wine storage units that act as more than just coolers. They’ll protect every bottle you own against heat, humidity, vibration, and light, so your wine will be at peak complexity and character when you drink it.

Excessive heat and varying temperatures can be detrimental to your wine and cause it to age much faster than it should naturally. With Sub-Zero’s wine coolers, you’ll be able to keep each bottle at a constant, undisturbed temperature so you can serve both your reds and your whites at the optimal temperature and flavor.

Each Sub-Zero wine storage unit comes with tinted glass to prevent excessive amounts of light from piercing through the bottles. If a bottle of wine is exposed to too much light, it can cause an unpleasant aroma and alter the aging process. With the use of a Sub-Zero wine cooler, you can prevent harmful rays from ruining your wine, allowing for a perfect pour and aroma for you and your guests.

Owning a wine storage unit can be a rewarding experience for any wine enthusiast. If you find yourself in need of Miami Sub-Zero wine cooler repair, give our company a call today at (855) 725-4675.

On Call for Same-Day Refrigerator Repairs

Large Tuscan-style kitchenYou have a fridge full of groceries but something is wrong. The air feels too warm but you don’t know where to find the problem.  No need to delay when you can call the Sub-Zero Repair Centers for immediate help. Appliances are our specialty. Our trained technicians are known for their quick response time when it comes to same-day refrigerator repair in Miami.

Time is of the essence in solving an issue with a malfunctioning fridge. We always make immediate service for refrigerators a priority, to save our customers time and money. Our same-day refrigerator repair in Miami includes the use of specific tests to find out the exact problem you are having. In addition, our trucks are fully stocked with the necessary parts so there is no time lost waiting for parts to arrive.

Despite the high quality and efficiency of our services, our cost-effective repairs save you money in the long run. Whether you are a homeowner or a restaurant manager, our goal is to ensure your fridge is running exactly as it should.  We are experienced at repairing freestanding units as well as large built-in models. Rely on our help to repair and service any kind of Sub-Zero refrigerators, including:

  • Built-In Refrigeration Models
  • Integrated Refrigeration Models
  • Pro 48 Refrigeration Models

Expect the results you need when you contact our trained technicians to make any repair on your refrigerator in Miami. Don’t forget to ask us how you can get 10% off the cost of your repairs.