How to Clean Stainless Steel Restaurant Equipment

As a restaurant owner, cleanliness is one of your biggest priorities. You want to guarantee that your kitchen is well-maintained and up to code. While stainless steel is known for being easy to clean, it is important to know the best practices for its cleaning and maintenance. Follow our guideline for cleaning a stainless steel kitchen:

A stainless steel kitchen rack with books, food, and pans | SubZeroServiceCenterMiami.comUse the right cleaning material.  Soft materials are best to wipe down stainless steel equipment like a soft cloth or sponge. Wire brushes or scrapers should be avoided to prevent scratches on the surface. When wiping, go with the polish lines to avoid further abrasions and rust.

Pick the right cleaning solution. The most common stainless steel cleaners have alkaline or alkaline chlorinated chemicals. Never use a chloride cleaner or hydrochloric acid on stainless steel. This can ruin the surface of your equipment and cause rust spots.

Diminish the amount of hard water. Using a filtration system can help reduce the number of corrosive elements in your water. If a filter is not practical, train your staff to always wipe down any water left from food preparation or cleaning.

Remove any rust spots. Despite the regular cleaning of stainless steel, rust can begin to develop your equipment. You can remove these spots with a non-abrasive cleaning pad.

Stainless steel can last a long time with regular cleaning and maintenance. We’re available for Sub Zero appliance repair in Miami whenever you need us. Our contractors have provided professional service to restaurants in a timely manner to ensure you can get back to work as soon as possible. See why Sub-Zero Service Center of Miami has served homeowners and businesses for over 30 years by contacting us today!