What to Consider Before Buying a Marine Refrigerator

Living in Miami means it is almost always a perfect day for boating. While you are out on the water, you want to make sure your food and drinks do not get spoiled by the heat. A plastic cooler can sometimes do the trick but you may want to update to a marine refrigeration unit. The units seem simple, but they are a bit more complex than the refrigeration systems that are commonly used at home. Check out our list of things to consider before purchasing a marine refrigerator:


  • Boats docked at a marina in Miami | SubZeroServiceCenterMiami.comPlacement is pivotal for maintaining constant airflow in your unit to make sure there is enough space for the unit. There should be about 2-3 inches of space around the unit’s vent to prevent overheating. Keep in mind that the vent can be on the bottom or side of the unit so avoid placing it against a wall.


  • Check to make sure your boat has the right power supply to run a refrigerator unit. If your boat does not have the right power supply, the refrigerator cannot run properly.


  • Many boat owners eventually upgrade their refrigerator units due to lack of space. If you have a family or a big group of friends, we recommend investing in the extra space to save time and money.


If you find yourself stranded with a broken marine refrigerator, contact us 24/7 for Miami Sub-Zero repair for marine refrigeration. Our Sub-Zero technicians will meet you at a marina for a full inspection and repair of your equipment.