When to Save or Discard Frozen Food after a Power Outage

When your power goes out, or your freezer breaks down, you might be wondering whether to save or discard your frozen food. As a general guideline, as long as the freezer remains below 40°F, the food should be safe to eat within a week. Follow our guideline for frozen foods that may need to be discarded after a power outage:

  • A pile of frozen fruit | SubZeroServiceCenterMiami.comMeats and Poultry. If you own a thermostat, this is the best time to use it. If the freezer exceeded 40°F, discard it immediately. If the freezer stayed below 40°F and the odor and color look good, then the meat and poultry should be safe to eat. When in doubt, throw it out.


  • Fruits and Vegetables. Ice crystals are a good sign that they are safe from being discarded. We recommend discarding any vegetables or juices that were held above the standard freezer temperature. If the fruit has a yeasty smell or there is visible mold/slime, discard it.


  •  Dairy. Discard it to stay safe. If the freezer remained below the standard temperature, some dairy products might be safe to refreeze, but it is best to not risk it.


  • Breads, Nuts, Doughnuts, Cookies, and Cakes. As long as there is not any visible mold, these products are typically safe to eat even after surpassing 40°F. There might be some loss in the food quality if you choose to refreeze them.


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